Still Crashing while landing

It’s the second time that infinite flight has crashed during landing after the update. Since the beginning of the flight, I noticed it was glitching. I have an IPad 6th generation.

Hi Dan sorry about this issue! What graphics settings do you have in place? Also, is the locations where you were landing highly populated with others? This can contribute to the crash.


I have the highest graphic settings. I noticed that when I was tuned into frequency, it was glitching a lot

Hey there! I have the same device as you have. What’s your airplane count at?

This is something that doesn’t really mean anything. Could you elaborate?

Also at max

I recommend not to use it a max. I recommend using it at High. That’s how I use it. And it runs perfectly smooth for me


Sure, it’s like the screen freezes for about a second and then it goes back to normal. It is very repetitive.

Your graphic settings may be over stressing your device. Lowering graphic settings and turning off anti aliasing as well as enabling the limit frame rate setting may help reduce the amount of stress your device is undergoing. Seb is typing and may have a better resolution since he is specialized in Infinite Flight support. :)


Okay, I’m going to go with what the people said before.
The settings you’re using are what is to be expected to work properly on the more recent, high-end devices such as iPad Pro’s 2018 - later.

This in combination with restarting your device before each flight will probably help a lot.
As both @infiniteflight_17 & @MJP_27 have touched on, lowering your airplane count would probably be a great place to start.


Thanks. I will do those things

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