Still Crashing on final after hotfix?

Hi all.
As you all know, recently, with the 19.4 update, came a bug that caused your aircraft to crash on final. A few days ago a hotfix was released which apparently fixed the bug, but yet I have experienced twice in the past 24 hours. Usually the app will crash when I am 7.2nm on the localizer. Also, I had all my graphics on low, and my live aircraft count on low. It also has nothing to do with my device storage, as I have 24gb of storage available on my device.
I also did a device reboot before both flights, along with ensuring that IF was the only active application.
Device Manufacturer: Apple
Device Model: MQ6G2AA/A (Space Grey iPhone 8 64GB)
Operating System: iOS
Operating System Version: 13.3 (latest)
Battery maximum capacity: 88%
Aircrafts: Boeing 737-800 (after 2 hours) and Boeing 777-300ER (after 11 hours)
Battery Percentage at time of crash: 100% (88%)


It’s still very much being worked on!

This is most likely memory related, the crash we have yet to fix. The other crash were super obvious in our analytics and have since the hotfix disappeared.


Thanks! Enjoy your day