Still cant change airplane graphics

I can now change my anti-aliasing on/off, i cant change my aircraft graphics becuase it still doesnt show the option too why??

With the latest updates that have hotfixes for 19.1 you can change the Rendering Quality (Controls the quality of the rendering), Texture Quality (Controls the quality of textures), Anti-Aliasing (Smooths textures out), and Limit Frame Rate. These settings are available pre-flight, actual in-flight settings will be different and are limited.

Please ensure that you have the latest update installed. This can be achieved by simply deleting Infinite Flight from your device and reinstalling it from your app store.

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Still cant change my plane graphics i just have the texture,anti-alaising,frame-rate, and rendering i just want to change my plane graphics to make it look more realistic

You have to change the settings before you spawn into the servers. Go to the Settings on the Home Screen :)

@xPILOTx Are you asking for instructions/help on how to do something, or are you asking for a feature to be added to Infinite Flight?

Isnt there one more option for the plane graphics
?? Thats what im talking about


Can you reupload the picture. Seems like it hasnt been uploaded properly

Oh and both rendering and tecture play a good part in plane graphics. You just have to test by changing those settings to your liking.

One more question did they remove the airplane quality and water quality options?

Water quality was taken out whan global was released.

If there is something wrong that does not change into Infinite Flight as you wish you could just make a quick reboot and reinstall infinite Flight and see if it improves, as much I understand yet.

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