Stick_theLanding's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to @Stick_theLanding 's ATC practice thread Thread

This thread is for people to fly at a controlled airport and give me feedback on my ATC skills to help me pass the IFATC tests. Below is info on what airport I am at. Post you’re feed back in this thread when you are done and I will read it.

STATUS : open

Server: Training

Airport: KMEM

Frequency open: Tower,Ground


Training server


Hey there! I cannot make it for this session, but please tag me in future ones! I’d love to help you prepare for IFATC :)


Open again same airport as before.


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Hey @Stick_theLanding!! Glad to see you are going for IFATC! First off, please ping me when you open up. Lastly, being the Training Server, some pilots more than likely will not listen to you. This makes opening up a big airport tricky. If you want to get true practice For IFATC, then I recommend opening smaller, less known 2 parallel runway airports. This ensures the less amount of trolls and unprofessional pilots you will encounter. Opening up these airports will also give the IFC members a chance to get good flying in for you, the controller. But opening up big airports will give definite knowledge on controlling larger airports. I am also not criticizing or calling you dumb or anything even close, just giving a tip!

Remember to ping me!!!

Good Day


Thanks noted and I will be open in an hour or so.


Now open


Tag me next time


Open @ KMEM Training server tower/ground


Mam… Couldn’t come right now I’m in school…

Man* Not Mam

Pushback ✔️
Taxi ✔️
Takeoff for Pattern ✔️
Excellent Transition ✔️

When you cleared me the first time and told me to make right traffic, that was incorrect. You only should include direction when you are starting the pattern or request a change in the runway or call inbound for touch and goes. The command should be No 1 cleared for the option as during takeoff you mentioned the direction of the pattern that I will be maintaining so for every pattern I will main the same direction.

When I requested a Change for the runway you forgot to give me a pattern entry. A pattern entry is given when you request a change in runway or call inbound for touch and go. Ex- enter left downwind.

In my case, the command should have been enter right downwind traffic to follow is on right downwind. The same was repeated when I entered right base.

When I requested for touch and go You cleared me without Pattern Entry.

Late runway exit command.

When Calling Inbound for touch and goes- Enter right downwind>no xx cleared for the option.
When change runways- Enter right downwind>no xx cleared for the option make left or right traffic.
When doing patterns - Sequence a plane if in front of you>no xx cleared for the option.

Would recommend you to watch The Perfect ATC Test - YouTube

Just a bit of practice on the Patterns and the sequencing and you will be a part of the IFATC team in no time.

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Not available right now, but tag me next time you’re open!

Please remember to change your title after closing! Feel free to tag me when you open

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Thanks for doing that totally forgot

Looks like you give good feedback. If you don’t mind, I’m at BOS right now in training.

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Im sorry sorry I just saw! Will you be open any other time today?

In like 3-4 hours?

I’m open currently at STL and won’t be closing for a while!

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Coming rn (10 characters)