Stick_theLanding's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed ] @N/A

Hi my name it Tyler I love Aviation and would love to be part of IFATC one bay but I am not at all the min requirements yet so want to make this tracking thread to help me get there. I will do mainly SoCal airports and will list the one I am at at the time of opening. Thanks for flying with me today.(any advice will be much appreciated)

Status: Closed


Frequency: Tower & Ground

Server: Training

Notams/Virtual ATIS: N/A


Whenever you open, just ping me. :)

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I will open up later to day (around 9:00 UTC)

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I will open up in 30min at KSAN and then again later today

KSAN is open on training server

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I’ll join in 30 minutes, I have something on my hand at the moment. Sorry about that.

all good I will be open for a little while

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Hi there,

I would love to stop by some time! I will keep checking out this thread to get service updates. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to join the IFATC Team! I am a recent member of the team so if you ever have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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@leonardo_vitor sorry the one guy won’t listen

Thanks for coming KSAN tower and ground is now closed

Feedback from N382G

  • you should have given me the sequence for JY-ARB, but you just gave the command “number 2, cleared to land”

  • if I am doing Pattern Work, then you must enable “cleared for the option” - this command must always be executed for touch & go / stop & go or low approach.

  • no exit commands given to me (this is one that isn’t as bad, as it isn’t always required, but be careful)

  • Alaska 2488 requested inbound, but you gave it a sequence - it was necessary to issue a pattern entry, since there is no active Approach frequency.

Well that’s all I wanted to say. Keep practicing more and be sure to watch the video “Perfect ATC Test” also if you haven’t already, read the ATC manual.

Have a good rest of your day!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/night too!

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I am Open again at MMMX come and join me!

Here’s my feedback

  • Since you told Z7 to make left traffic with the departure clearance, it is redundant to tell the aircraft “make left traffic” with the landing clearance. Just cleared for the option is enough once an aircraft has been told which traffic direction to fly for that specific runway.

  • When I requested runway change to 15R, I did not get a pattern entry, which is found under pattern instructions tab. Ideally, you should’ve replied “Enter right downwind 15R”. You simply cleared for the option for 15R and told me to make right traffic, which was infact the correct clearance.

  • Transition altitude of 10,000 ft was spot on.

  • I did not get a pattern entry when I called inbound for landing i.e “Enter left downwind 15R”.

  • Good exit runway instruction.

‘The Perfect ATC Test’ video and the User Guide linked above should help you understand pattern entries. All the best!

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Open at KPHL on the training server!

Are you still open? It shows no ATC at KPHL, if you’re closed don’t forget change you topic to [CLOSED]

No I am still open

It is on the training server not expert.

but I can’t see KPHL has active controller, it is Training server

let me end the session then rejoin that may fix it.