Stick Shaker

So, IF is slowly crawling up the realism scale (now with fuel and global) and I thought, to help when you’re stalling, why not add a stick shaker?
Something that sounds like this. warning, this is loud if your volume is all the way up, might want to turn down he volume a bit XD

And yes, I did check for duplicates, and all the ones I saw were closed

Good idea. I could see the developers putting in an update to make your device vibrate when you stall.


This would be a pretty cool feature to have. Like the reply above, your device could vibrate during a stall. For devices that don’t support vibration (such as iPads), a sound could be played that is similar to the one in that video.

EDIT: I’m out of votes, but I’d love to see this implemented! :)


Great idea! If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure we have a similar sound played when you are over speeding.

Awesome idea! Although I could see this being on IF assistant

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I didn’t read the blurred text 🤭. Everything was so silent in my house then I clicked the vid and everyone looked at me 😂😁 I freaked out

Great request and possibly, if able vibrate the device

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