Stick shaker

What is stick shaker?
Stick shaker is a mechanical warning device that vibrates the aircraft’s control column when it approaches a stall. It is one of the warnings to alert the pilots for the imminence of Stall.

What is the feature request?
Currently, in Infinite Flight, we already have the “beeps” and voice alert when we are already stalling. With the inclusion of a sitck shaker, the warning would be trigged ahed of imminent stall.

How would it work
At the imminence of stall, the alert would be given by the vibration of the smartphone.

For further reading:
(Just search for stick shaker words)

For english language speakers, please correct grammatical erros and typos. Thanks

Good request! Be lucky, spent one of my votes on it.


Thanks Cpt_Chris! If there’s something missing, just say it and I’ll add :)

This is a very nice idea, and a very well presented post! I like it!


I find it weird how we have a stick shaker sound when we overspeed. 😭


That might happen sometimes, but it’s normally a false indication to a bigger problem. I haven’t noticed the stick shaker on overspeed, will try, hm…

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That sound you hear is not the stick shaker. Watch videos of it on YouTube and you’ll hear it

We could always replace the current stall system from someone who sounds kinda like bitchin’ betty (don’t jude, she kinda does) to a stick shaker. Could be a nice feature. But I would have to train my brain to react to that instead of the current one.

Hmm, I think this would add an extra level of realism to IF 😉

  1. Stall your plane
  2. Stick shaker alert goes off (with vibrations)
  3. Place phone face down on table
  4. Makes you look popular with so many “text
    message” vibrations.

This can be added on devices with vibration support…

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When you stall in an A330 the spoiler goes crazy and make the Pilots react.

Yeah it’s off-topic but it’s aviation knowledge

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Of course ;) Well, the majority of devices has vibration support, I don’t think it would be a problem.


Great idea! Wish more tablets had vibration now!

Is it true that not a single iPad comes with vibrators? I’m kinda impressed…

A lot of the feature requests are features that already exist in other mobile flight sims. But this feature isn’t implemented yet in any sim. So this feature could really get ahead in the competition!

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