Stick controller for ipad?


Posting this in the general section to see if there are any good solutions for stick based controllers for iPad? Since LiveFlightConnect does not seem to be available any more on the App Store does anyone have controller suggestions or set ups they might recommend?


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As you mentioned, LiveFlight Connect is not available anymore - it’s been deprecated since February 2020, which means there is no official support and no bug fixes for it. It does still work, to an extent, but I’ve found that there are issues with devices running on more recent versions of Android (8 is the latest I’ve found determined fully works). However, fellow community members have compiled a new app called Map Connect. It has most of the same functionality, excluding some UI stuff, such as the PFD LFC has. Setting it up is really easy and I personally use it every day, but do feel free to DM me in case you need help. Do note that both LiveFlight Connect and Map Connect require a Windows or Mac system to run on.

As for a controller, that depends on your budget. The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is a nice, affordable controller you can get in numerous online retailers - I’ve used one before and it serves its purpose perfectly. Or, if you have a bigger budget and want to treat yourself to a nice, high quality controller, I can strongly recommend the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus joystick - also a very high quality joystick, and also the one I currently use.

Hope this helps you make your choice!

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Thanks much this is really helpful. The Logitech 3D is what i was looking at as I am interested in the smaller GA planes: CubCrafters, Cessna etc. I do operate off a Macbook Pro as well so that should work. I will reach out if I have any other questions.

Thanks again for the quick and helpful response!


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Just a heads up, these programs often don’t work and have bugs. Last time I checked there was a big issue with Map Connect and it simply didn’t work. Thus may or may not be the case anyone but just be aware. None of these are supported by Infinite Flight, as it is isn’t really meant to be played with a joystick. I’ve seen many users complain about not being able to use their joysticks. The software isn’t very reliable.

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Hi Just wanted to say thanks again! Everything up and running great now. Map Connect took a little bit of figuring out how to map everything but once I did, no issues at all so far. Again really makes the XCub a fun plane here!

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So after a successful setup and a couple of fun days with the Logitech 3d stick, Infinite Flight is no longer recognizing it as a device via Map Connect?

Have tried restarting, reinstalling Map Connect, checked network connections all to no avail. In IF I have also tried to restore defaults and delete the accelerometer control assignments (both respond normally).
Map Connect connects to IF quickly, all of the joystick functionality is responsive and mappable there, but it just does not show up on the IF side.

Has anyone else had/having similar issues? I am running a MacBook pro and iPad for my setup.

Thanks for any insights!


Just speculating, but did you update to 22.3 since you first got the joystick working? I wonder if that could be the variable that caused it to stop working.

I’m unaware of any specific change in the APIs for IF that are likely to cause Map Connect to stop working and I’m not an expert of Map Connect’s code, but since a new update came out recently thought I would mention that.

Yes! That makes sense and it was updated to 22.3 then stopped working

I wonder if there is a way to reinstall the previous version?

Unfortunately, there’s not a way to reinstall a previous version of an app on iOS/iPadOS. I wasn’t in the same situation as you, but I’ve really looked at installing previous versions of apps before

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Yes too bad. It seemed to haven debugged for a few days and is now showing the same issues on my end.

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