Stevo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

You can find some pictures here

Are you announcing that you’ll be opening up at KJFK or something?


KJFK ATC ON actually

So, your saying you’ll be open at KJFK for your ATC tracking thread?

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Hello @stevo!

I assume your announcing your open on the Training Server? I’d recommend creating a Tracking Thread with the appropriate title!

Good Day 😉


Yes . For the thread tracking

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Just make sure to follow the correct format @Kamryn mentioned

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Do you plan on becoming an IFATC member anytime soon?

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Just fixed your title! Enjoy controlling!

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Also, I’ll stop by for a little bit after I finish eating my lunch

Ok. I understood now. Thanks To all

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Very soon i will start with the atc training process

Thats awesome! Hope to see you in the discord soon :)

I’d recommend opening at airports like KFAT (Fresno) with parallel runways. Usually, you’ll get pilots who follow instructions at airports unlike KLAX / KJFK / EGLL.

I’ll try to attend a few sessions, let me know when you open up!

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What is the Discord channel. Or is when i will start the process. Do you think i can start now. I have like more than 800 ATC Operations

You’ll be invited to the Discord upon joining IFATC and passing your tests. It’s our communication platform. 800 Operations is enough to apply! If you feel confident and meet the requirments, you can apply below!

Hey there @stevo! You did good. Just a few mistakes you have to work on.

  • The transition altitude should’ve been 3,000 feet not 2,500 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition. So in that case, KJFK’s airport altitude is about 10 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

See this for more information

  • You forgot to give Speedbird 622 an pattern entry when they called inbound. Whenever someone calls inbound or for patterns. You must ALWAYS give them a pattern entry.

See this here for more info about pattern entry’s

  • The maintain best forward speed given to me was completely unnecessary. You probably misclicked and meant to give me maintain slowest practical speed.

  • You completely forgot to give Speedbird 622, American 6432, and 6Y-JAM an exit runway command. Exit runway commands for commercial aircraft (example A320’s B737’s) should be given in between 70 knots and 40 knots. If it’s a general aviation aircraft (example TBM 930, C172’s) give them the exit runway command below 40 knots. If your late with the exit runway command below that speed. Don’t worry. Your ok, still give them the command. But if there on the taxiway, plus crossed the hold short line. Just give them to contact ground or Unicom.

See this for more information

  • You forgot to clear me for the option multiple times. This is KEY for when someone is flying patterns. The only thing you did a few times was just give me a sequencing command. So here’s an example. Let’s say I’m flying pattern at an airport on runway 32 and there’s another aircraft also flying patterns on final on the same runway and I just rotated off of the runway. So, you would give me number 2, traffic to follow is on final. Then, you would give me number 2 runway 32, cleared for the option.

  • Only use after the option, make left/right traffic when someone is starting to fly some patterns. Or if someone request a runway change. So an example is let’s say I’m flying patterns at an airport on runway 22. And I want to switch to runway 15. So, you would first give me a pattern entry for runway 15. Next, you would give me what aircraft I’m following (If there’s traffic going to land on that runway.) If I’m the only one for that runway. You can just give me number 1. Next you would select cleared for the option. And then you’ll see after the option make left or right traffic. So then it’s your choice to either give me left or right traffic.

  • You should not have given me number 2, traffic to follow is on final because that traffic I was following was WAY to far out for me to follow. Then again, I followed your instruction. So then, I had to use the full approach. So, if that same thing happens again when your controlling, just give the person who closer to the runway, let them be number 1. And there’s someone that’s not on the final approach give them number 2, traffic to follow is on whatever pattern entry they’re on.

See here for more about this:

The decend to pattern altitude you gave me was completely unnecessary. I was right over the runway align for 4L when someone was right under me on short final for 4L. The pattern altitude for commercial and general aviation aircraft are shown here:

General Aviation Aircraft with Props: 1,000 feet AAL

Commercial Aircraft with engines: 1,500 feet AAL

AAL means Above Aerodrome Level

See here for more information

Also, to add on what @Kamryn said here:

Use airports that have parallel runways. I’d recommend starting off using airports like KADW or KVAD. You don’t have to use these airports that have parallel runways. You can use any airport that have parallel runways.

Parallel runways look like this:


Thank you,


You can add comment for EHAM ATC service of this Beautiful Sunday. Happy Days for all of this community members.

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