Steven_Tellmann’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPIE

Hello everyone my name is Steven ( callsign: GLIDER ). I plan on joining IFATC sooner or later and I would love to get my ATC operations as high as I can before that time. KPIE is my home GA airport and also Allegiant flys in and out of there!

Feedback is greatly appreciated


Server: Training

Bring any aircraft


i think that the title needs to be in a specific format… not sure tho

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Wdym? I’m confused

I will stop by, read my PM I gave you the title info there.

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Thanks! See ya there

@Steven_Tellmann, please stop changing it. I’ve changed it so it is in the proper format. Thanks.

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Didn’t see that you changed it sorry

Wasnt there for long. But I will say, well done!

A few notes I have

  • A little late on some of the commands.
  • You cleared me a little late

Reminder: You have to sequence every aircraft!

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Thanks! I will definitely work on that. I’m not too familiar with where the commands are that’s why I was a little late

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Thats good. You should get a trainer to help you in your application process, they really help. I have a session now thats why I left. I can give you the link to it too.

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Perfect thanks! That would be very helpful

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i… should’ve gone around…

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Hello, I was N458WU! Here’s my feedback:

So what I found your main issue today was your sequencing. Many of your mistakes would have been resolved if you used sequencing.

Basically, what sequencing is is to instruct a pilot to follow another aircraft. For example, “N458WU, number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind”. What that means is that N458WU will follow the aircraft on left downwind, and would be number 3 to land.

When you instruct sequencing instructions, you then have no need to instruct the pilots to adjust speeds, extend downwind/upwind, etc… Pilots would do all the work for you… you just have to carefully monitor or adjust if for some reason you need to give specific instructions otherwise.

Another good reason for sequencing was when I was on final with PUKEJACK. PUKEJACK turned base early multiple times, and you had them go-around. If you were to sequence PUKEJACK to follow me, he would have not turned base in front of me.

You didn’t give me an exit runway command as well.

Overall, there’s still a lot to work on. But this was your first session on your tracking thread, and you did fairly well! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, and good luck becoming IFATC!

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Thanks! I’m new to all the ATC stuff so it’s gonna take me a while to get used to it and everything. Thank you so much for the feedback and I’ll try it out next time! Glad you could come! There will definitely be more days when I open.

I’m open🙂 drop on by!

Hey Steven, here’s the feedback from my visit earlier.

  • One: Transition was too high. The general rule of thumb is airport elevation plus 2500 ft. For KPIE, 2500 would’ve been perfect.
  • Two: No pattern instruction on my inbound. All inbound aircraft without radar (or, if they were given radar vectors) require a pattern instruction. For me, it would’ve been enter left downwind runway 36.
  • Three: The same issue as above for my runway change. Runway changes require a pattern instruction, and a sequence if required BEFORE clearance.
  • Four: Exit runway instruction was a bit late, but that’s a minor thing. You also could’ve told me to cross Runway 36 in advance since I needed to cross it to get to the parking area, but that’s also minor.

I’d recommend you give Section 3 of the ATC Manual a quick read, and then you should be all set!

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I will thanks!!

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