Steven-Su's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ ZBAD

What server are you on?

Training Server.

Alright, coming right now!

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I’m coming

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Welcome more. Anybody, any aircraft. Still open.

Any comments? As well as @GearDownAviationYT

Good job mate, sorry for duplicating messages I didn’t mention my runway. You did great though I thought 👍🏼

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Ground, tower still open

Lovely controlling, good timing with the commands during my approach in the 777-200F!

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I’m coming for some pattern work

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Welcome more people, anybody, any aircraft. Still half more hour.

There’s some one spamming frequency there as approach. This guy pretended to be CAVA COO and it’s a fake one, so I had to quit
Very good command over all! Are you planning to become IFATC?

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I have passed written exam but still working on practical. @RayWang provided me a lot of help.
ZBAD approach is not me

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Sounds good. Your ATC skill is pretty good. Hope to see you in IFATC soon 😁

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Welcome more people to come still:) (The approach, which is not me, has closed)

Beijing Daxing has closed. Thank you.

Beijing Daxing Tower is now closed.

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