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Open for an hour, until 2:10am Zulu, training server.
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Once Grade 4 pilot, 1100 operations, passed IF written exam.
-Always allow pattern work
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Beijing Daxing International Airport, nicknamed “Starfish”, is Beijing’s second super airport and was just brought to life a month ago as it’s first commercial flight touched down. Right behind Istanbul, this is the second largest single-building terminal in the world. Massive thanks to our Airport Editing team for the great work on this massively complex airport!

Quote from Tylor
There are four massive runways in this airport, capable of landing A380. This airport serves as the hub for Skyteam.

It is going to serve all Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. Currently, the Beijing Capital Int’l (PEK, or ZBAA) is running with extreme over-capacity. The ZBAA is designed to serve 80 million passengers per year but it is currently serving more than 100 million passengers a year in 2018.

That is where the Daxing Int’l (PKX, or ZBAD) come into play.
Runway Info:
East 1 Runway: 3400 * 60m(11155 * 197ft)
North 1 Runway: 3800 * 60m(12467 * 197ft)
West 1 Runway: 3800 * 60m
West 2 Runway: 3800 * 45m(12467 *148ft)
West 2 Runway: 3800 *45m

It is expected that in 2040, the annual passenger traffic will be 100 million. In 2050, the traffic will be 130 million at least. There will be 4 runways for civil and 1 runway for military and the terminal building will be 70,0000 square meters. It is the first airport in China to accept intersection runways. As showed in the picture:

This airport was also built for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, so people from the world can came easily. The cool feature about this design is that it only takes 10 minutes to arrive at any gates for departure thanks to the “five-finger” shape where passenger walk to different gates from the center of this huge building.


Coming now!

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Welcome more people:) Any people, any aircraft.

Any comments?

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Overall all was good. I am also training, so I am also learning. I wouldn’t use progressive taxi instructions in this case, was there a reason to why you used it? As far as I know progressive taxi is only for complex airports, if requested, or if you find it necessary to maintain traffic. The heavy in front of me was still a way from 17L, and it was only the two of us :)

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It’s my first time using this command, so I don’t know…

Ah haha okay, but good job!

Welcome more people to come:)

Thai Airways a340
callsign Thai 1218 Heavy
Im coming in a few minutes

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Will rejoin now

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Would be better if you file a flight plan to ZBAD:)

Ok, will do that

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You can try all these 4 runways if you want:)

I wasn’t cleared on my second landing btw, which is why I announced missed approach :)

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Any comments on my operations?

I forgot…but all good except this?

I think you gave me the first landing clearance a little bit to early I think, other than that, everything else was fine

Thank you for the great atc

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All good, I noticed you have a 360 instruction to a plane on final on the ILS. You should not given 360 for any planes on final. You could have avoided this by a maintain minimum speed as the last plane was on a 7-9 mile file, or giving a go-around with a sequence and clearance, if absolutely necessary. Its fine to wait a bit longer to see how separation pans out before giving a missed approach. After you have sequenced its the pilots responsibility to maintain this separation.

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A go-around does not require a new pattern entry unless you’re switching them to a different runway. Just sequence and clearance is fine. :)


ZBAD is opened again. @TheCommentator
I am opening for an hour.