Steve_Cadle’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSEA

Used to be a VATSIM controller back in the day (Like FS2004 days) and I have been looking to get back to controlling. Will be applying the IFATC soon. Anyone wants to stop in or run some pattern work when I am open.

Should be open another hour or so depending on traffic.

Stopping by now


Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: 🟧

  • Taxi to parking: ✅


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: ✅

  • Cleared for the option: 🟧

  • Sequencing: N/A

  • Exit runway: ❌

Other Feedback:

  • I noticed you sent a “follow aircraft ahead” command despite that I didn’t ask for taxi clearance yet. Normally you send those commands after you give an aircraft a taxi clearance

  • The “Line up and wait” command never seemed to be utilized. I highly recommend using that command because it can help you get departures out quicker

  • On my first pattern I did not receive a clearance until I was on base, I would highly suggest sending the clearances while an aircraft is on early downwind

  • The “extend downwind” command was not necessary due to the other aircraft was not on the same runway that I was going to be on. If that aircraft was to be on the same runway then possibly that command may be used depending on what is happening

  • While on final, you cleared another aircraft to cross the same runway as I was on which was why I initiated a Go Around. I wouldn’t suggest crossing other aircraft while one is already on a 1 mile final.

  • On your “cleared for the option” commands you do not need to add “make xxx traffic” unless the aircraft is inbound and will remain in the pattern or if an aircraft is changing runways

  • I did not receive an exit runway command. You must send those to all aircraft who are landing. When you do send that command try aiming to send it when the aircraft is at around 80-70kts

Seeing as the frequency did get a little busy, I can understand if you got a little busy and forgot a thing or two. I would highly suggest taking a look through the ATC Manual. Keep practicing! :)


Appreciate you stopping in and really appreciate the feedback, all is noted. I have been reading the manual, I’ll have to go back and brush up on those sections again.

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