Stepclimbs for long flights

I usually go do long haul flights when I’m asleep and therefore can’t do stepclimbs manually because I’m asleep. Is there a way to make the autopilot climb to an altitude when it reaches a fix?

No, I am like 99.9% sure

There’s a 3rd party app call IF assistant i believe from what i’ve read somewhere that, that 3rd party app can do step climbing for you:) But remember, cruising from FL 300-340 is just as fine as being slightly higher


^ and see that is the 0.1 uncertainty 😂


IF assistant does provide a basic step climb and it works very well

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Ive heard there is an option in IFassistent yes. but only on IOS. not on Android

i usually wake up in between during sleep and monitor my flight and step climb.


^ this is the best way and what I do as well, because IF assistant is great and all but if winds change… well I’m not sure how assistant will. TAF before you go to bed and set alarms accordingly like mgm recommended

I will personally NOT let autopilot climb for you while you are AFK. Been there and it stalled my aircraft while i was climbing out and went to bathroom.

Only go away when you’re straight and level.

off my 22 violations to date, over 15 of them are accidental overspeed after a LOC stall which spun out and overspeed.

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If you know what you are doing it’s not a problem.
Many users load max fuel and pax and try to climb with too high VS, and/or do not step climb.
I use FPLtoIF/Simbrief and IF Assistant. Works fine.

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You don’t have to step climb, you can go at FL300 and sleep peacefully. I don’t know why so much people care about step climbing

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Because realism. Higher alt, lower fuelburn. (But you don’t care about cost. I forgot 😂)

We care about step climbing because (1) we fly a heavy aircraft and (2) we fly to a realistic cruise altitude.

There are flight rules and even tutorials on IF about proper cruise altitude, and to reach these with a heavy aircraft you need to step-climb.

And to answer @Casp959er73’s question: yes the flight assistance third-party app does allow you to program altitude and speed per waypoint. But…any unattended climb to high altitude runs the risk of climbing faster than your weight allows, resulting to another ‘I was asleep and crashed, can someone please remove my violations, because I don’t wanna be a Grade 1’ situation.

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@Andre_S @azeeuwnl

I have a simple solution, I set alarms so I know when to set the planned altitude using the FPL waypoint page and simbrief / windy.

My question was aimed to people who want to step climb for no apparent reason and when it comes to using appropriate navigation, understand SIDs & STARs, they seem to forget about all that realistic experience.

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anouther vote for this combination! not only does it keep your flights realistic, but if you follow the flight plan with regards to routing, weights, fuel, step climbs then 99% you will arrive exactly as the time it says you will. The 1% is when IFATC give you some long vectors or a Go Around due to busy airspace at your destination!


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