Stepclimbing KJFK-YSSY

Ok, I’m currently about to take off and i was wondering what’s the best way to step climb in terms of fuel consumption?i know simbrief plans stepclimbs but it seems to be a little too fast, especially for a 19 hour flight…

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Are you using a Qantas 789?

Yes i am…

It wont work. I’ve done a 15 hour flight in a United 789 from KSFO-WSSS I had around 10 minutes of fuel left when I landed

So can you explain this? They made it safely. So you should make it if you put passengers at 0 and same with cargo but full fuel. When you fly it fly the route they chose as they spent months planning the most fuel efficient route.

KJFK RBV J230 AIR J80 SPI J80 HLC J64 HEC J6 PMD RZS C1176 DINTY 3141N/12831W 3105N/13015W 3010N/13242W 2809N/13746W 2550N/14230W 2247N/14646W 1816N/15128W 1642N/15257W 1309N/15639W 1146N/15808W 1002N/16000W 0531N/16451W 0250N/16757W 0054N/17012W 0206S/17349W 0346S/17555W 0500S/17728W 0621S/17911W 0938S/17629E 1254S/17201E 1522S/16857E 1917S/16441E 2105S/16300E 2218S/16149E 2413S/16009E 2834S/15648E 3218S/15349E MARLN YSSY


oh really, welll.

You need to plan your weight and balance, along with speed properly. And that’s false, because I got KLAX to FACT nonstop, full throttle full flight past MTOW, and still had fuel


What I would do is Climb to FL100, then FL200 10 Minutes after, and so and so on. Try to use a low V/S of around 1200-1500

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Alright thanks

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Yea, I’m using that route, I think I can make it :)

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Just also note that ATC gave them some shortcuts throughout the flight to arrive quicker.

oh ok gotcha…

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What was your flight time?

Around 15 Hours. With Full Throttle, you’d usually get 13 hours

If able, climb at 100 FPM to the next even flight level every 4 hours or so. Deer did that and we were fine.


Oh nice, what plane did you use?

ok cool :)

787-9 Virgin

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the dreamliner has got some range for sure…

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I flew on this route yesterday without any problems with 190 PAX and 4,500 kg of freight. On these kinds of routes, you have to manage the steps to climb. I didn’t manage them well, so I arrived with only 9 minutes of fuel remaining.
I Will advice to start at FL280 or FL300 (depends fuel and cargo) and climbing every 3-4 hours

thats crazy you did it with cargo and that many passengers. i just took off like 30ish mins ago and i just reached fl300…

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