Step on a Scale Before Your Flight

Yes, the title is accurate!

Finnair will begin to weigh some passengers before flights in order to more accurate calculate weight and balance for their aircraft. Finnair wants to use more accurate figures than standards previously put in place by the European Aviation Safety Agency. Would you be willing to be weighed?


Thats not going to be good for people that are self conscious


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What do you think about this?

Agreed, I’m not sure how s is going to go down. As Chatta said, lots of people are self conscious. Also imagine being kicked off a flight because you were too heavy

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On domestic flights with small aircraft in the Philippines (e.g. PAL Q400), they already weigh people. I’ve been on one.


I don’t think there is a weight limit, it’s just to have more accurate numbers.


I would see the scale and be like “nope!” And turn around and leave

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It’s an attempt to understand if the weights used are actually accurate, weight and balance being ciritcal parameters for flight. It’s also entirely voluntary so no one has to do it.


That’s kind of rude if you get denied…even if it is your fault for weighing too much. That’s definitely something Southwest Airlines would NOT EVER do ;) #justanotherreasonfor #transfarency


I would get weighed, yes. I don’t see why not.

Didn’t think Finland has these issues. Nice healthy Scandinavian country. Surprised that Qantas hasn’t done this yet…

It is sad how little some people care about their weight and that we have to do this.

See, the thing is though, this is a completely voluntary program. One is not required to step onto a scale, nor will they ever be denied boarding for doing so.

I’d like to remind people that this is not an exercise to ensure people boarding aren’t overweight, nor is it to shame passengers who exceed weight limits for carry-on baggage. Finnair has a completely voluntary system dedicated solely so that they can get a better grip on who’s boarding their planes and how much fuel that they need onboard. No one is required to do it, and no one will be required to do it either. For those of you who are self-conscious (myself included), rest assured knowing that there is zero chance they will make you step onto a scale.

This is not a new procedure. Many airlines, especially those who are operating smaller aircraft in which weight is sensitive (think anything smaller than a 737), weigh their passengers without them even knowing it. In fact, the FAA mandates airlines in the US to conduct “weight surveys” to ensure that their weight and balance calculations are correct. Without telling you, you may have been weighed without being told! Hawaiian Airlines’ flights to American Samoa are so long that they weigh their passengers, and the same is true on most flights where an accurate weight-and-balance calculation is imperative. Air Canada, for one, routinely does these surveys for every passenger and crew member. So while this may seem like “news,” this is actually a fairly common occurrence.

Does that excuse the surveys? Not entirely. While I’m sure that statisticians have factored in the “opt-out” rate, this also doesn’t seem like it would accurately represent the actual weights of passengers, seeing as every voluntary survey is always skewed.


It’d be funny if the plane acted as a scale and the weight was displayed in the cockpit. Imagine the crew monitoring the weight and then all of a sudden it says >MTOW as soon as really big passenger boards. lol


That’s a good way of putting it. I bet a lot of people aren’t going to do it so it seems pointless even though it is for the weight/balance calculations

I see why they should weigh people for more accurate numbers but this could really offend people and might cause some kind of fight with a customer and the airline.

But they aren’t saying:

“Wow, this person is big!”

As long as they keep these numbers anonymous and just give it to the cockpit for a more accurate weight estimate it would be fine in my books.


@Kevin_Potthast They better keep it anonymous! I don’t want to see a tv screen of the passengers name and then their weight. Because then you’ll see kids looking at it and saying “WOAH! John Doe is HUGE!”

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Anonymity is a key factor, of course. If you look at Air Canada’s routine weight surveys, they actually keep their records so anonymous that the person who records weights on a laptop doesn’t even know what the weights actually are! (source:

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Don’t agree to it people that are maybe overweight/underweight might feel bad and I don’t find it necessary everything seems to be working fine as it is so why change?