Step Climbing

Hello! I wanted to learn about step climbing I’ve read everything on the tutorial about step climbing but I still don’t get it is there any website that could help me with this like FPL to IF SimBrief etc. cuz I don’t get it still or if someone wanna explain to me


It’ll be much easier if you use Simbrief and FPLtoIF.
Once you get your flightplan, you can see at which waypoint you will climb or (rarely) descend.


The concept is that you need to burn fuel(weight) before going to a higher altitude.
If you don’t your fuel burn will be high and you would not have enough fuel to reach destination.


What is it about step climbing that you don’t understand?

I’m wondering if the OP thinks you should be able to program the profile into the IF flightplan.


If you want VNAV- Vertical navigation you need a third party app like In-Flight Assitant
Then you can program altitudes, speed etc. for the whole flight.

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It just says cruise and cruise like I put on 34,000 or do I have to put in auto?

The climbing part when do I start to climb to my cruising altitude

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Around every 3 hours or so. If it’s a 12 hour flight, split each climb into 4 hour increments so you end up step climbing 3 times before reaching your TOD (top of descent)

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You have multiple cruise altitudes -

Initial cruise
Final cruise

If you’re using simbrief, there are several ways to see at which point (fix) you should climb.

Ok the first page of every dispatch (for flights with a step climb) - there is a line called “FL steps”, which lists the fixes with altitude changes. I have attached a picture with that line highlighted


You can also see the altitude for each fix throughout the entire route in the flight log. Pictures and highlighted here

That should give you everything you need to figure out when to climb.

If you’re also using IF assistant, and have any questions there. Just let one of us know.



Thank you! But wait where’s the whole FPL can I copy and paste on IF ?

Yep, copy paste the whole thing into the search in the map screen.

And does it automatically make step climbs for me like they it knows where the winds are etc

There’s step by step instructions on how to paste the FPL into IF here.

It does not automatically climb. For that, you’ll need IF Assistant

Wait what website did u use for that pics u showed


Ok does it know the weather at the time I’m going to fly and also when I put in my weight and passenger count it gonna tell me the right altitude to climb and stuff?

That would be FLPtoIF ;)

It takes winds en route into account. And yes, it takes/gives the fuel/pax/cargo into account.


Is there some type of tutorial on this on YouTube ?

Not as I know of, maybe someone else knows of one.