Step climbing apps?

Hello, So I was told that step climbing is very helpful so you can get up to cruising altitude with out stalling, but when I do long haul flights I run IF overnight and there is now way that I can step climb (unless I wake up to do it but I am to lazy for that) so I am wondering if there is a app where it steps climb for you? If there is one please tell me!!!

Maybe you can try SimBrief to plan step climbs :D

You can program IF Assistant to step climb. Be sure to learn how to use it and feed it with correct data.


I highly recommend to be on your device while descending and climbing. In this way you avoid possible violations, but yes, IF Assistant has this feature

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Yes, IF-A can do it, but I 100% agree with @Lars. Step climbing manually is much safer. Additionally, I have found that if you have inputted a step climb into IF-A, and need to override it for traffic, weight, etc, IF sometimes gets quit becuase of leaving the app (as it is impossible to override IF-A with the ALT autopilot in my experience).

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@FLIGHT2. MaxSez: The add on App “Infinite Assistant” provides a “Step Climb” Feature. You simple input altitude for each fix in you Flight Plan. I recommend this App. It contains multiple features that Alarm If you: Overspeed, the AutoPilot disengages in Flight ect.
(sleeping on long hauls are Pilot Errors, violations and ghosts will not be removed)
The IF ASSISTANT is my Co-Pilot, I never launch without it. (3000+ hours in my log book, you can take this advice to the bank!)



It will tell you altitudes based on waypoints, and just put it in to IF Assistant.

@Hymenopus_Coronatus. MaxSez: Assistant can be overridden Enroute. Pause, Close Asst. Use Aircraft systems to maneuver , Pause, Reengage Asst, Drive On!

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@Maxmustang is correct. Closing IF-A will grant you manual altitude control. However, in my experience iOS sometimes closes IF/ends the flight when leaving the app (especially after a long haul). However, IF-A does do a fine job of VNAV, and I have used it many times in the past.

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