Step climbing and center frequency

With the new center frequency coming, how are we supposed to step climb? Won’t performing a step climb place the plane under center control authority?

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Only if you’re in a frequency. You’ll be able to request altitude change.

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You would have to request a climb if in centres airspace. If not you are fine.

Why did they even remove the Center frequency?

When global came out.

I won’t give a reason since I can’t 100% remember

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So how do long hauls work at all?

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Because people were able to do long flights after global was introduced therefore people were not at their device the entire cruise which up until now caused complications.

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Just like normal, you just need to request an altitude change :)

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If you are away from your device, you will show up on ATC radar as being “away” and they will not bother you. It has been said by staff and mods that there will be more info on this upon release of the 20.1 update!


Say center then need you to turn. How can I step away from my device then…

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I honestly think if they add center then It would be better as a automatic robot.

You’ll be marked as away on your flight plan. Only when you’re descending or ascending in an active frequency will there be a reason for you to contact.

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You show as an orange circle on the controllers screen if you are away from your device :)

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How do you mark yourself as away though?

By not touching your device. There may be other ways but it will be reviled on the 20.1 patch notes

You will automatically me marked away if you don’t touch your device. If you touch your device you are back as green :)

Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 21.28.05

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That’s just doesn’t work though. If your flight starts inside center airspace, you have to be active until cruise…

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You should never be away from your device until you are at cruse anyway…


All of this will be covered in the many tutorials. I think people are thinking too deep into the changes.

How do you step climb today? If Center is active you would ask for permission to climb. If Center is not active you do like you do currently and make sure the airspace is clear before climbing.

If you are away from your device and following your flight plan, the controller will be able to see it.


@Chris_S Why don’t they release the tutorials before the update so users can learn about how to use the features?