Step Climb

I usually use Sim brief for my flight plans. I almost always fly long haul routes and I noticed that even at the end of a 12 or 10 hour flight dim brief still has me cruising at FL350 or FL340. Even after flying for most of the flight at that altitude. When I compare the altitude of a real life plane flying literally the same exact route they are usually at FL 380 or FL 400 by the end of their flight. Why does it tell me to fly lower. I know that step climbs are done for fuel efficiency so when will I know I can fly higher go to the next flight level. I noticed also the angle of attack becomes steeper if I am heavy and flying at FL390 or FL 400. When is this angle of attack dangerous and I should go lower.


SimBrief also takes wind into account. It may keep you lower rather than step-climbing if there is a strong tailwind to push you along.

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