Step climb climb rate

Hello IFC, here’s a question, when I am flying a heavy plane, and when I am possible to climb higher, what climb rate should I use?
+1500 will be too fast and increase fuel burn, bu like +500 is too slow?(or not?)

I think you’re fine with +1500 in a heavy aircraft.

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Both of those are too fast. At 1500fpm you are likely going to lose speed pretty rapidly especially at higher altitudes. If you look at FR24…planes tend to stepclimbs at 100-300fpm most of the time.

I step climb at 100-200fpm


If not you just need to stay within 1000 and 1500

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With a heavy aircraft I should do stepclimbs yes. That will hold your speed more in a good balance.

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Oops, mistakes had been made since I start long haul flights! Thanks for the reminder.

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Would recommend 500-800fpm, and that should be all fine.

Just watch the speed while climbing just in case, and if you see that the plane is losing much speed, slowly lower the fpm

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