Step climb alts for A359

Hi, I’m in an A359 and need help with what altitude to step climb to after 34,000.

-thanks csg

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Are you headed in an easterly or westerly direction?

Eastern.‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Generally, you stepclimb in intervals of 2,000ft.

If you use a flight-planning site, it will output initial cruise alt, and stepclimb alts, as well as the waypoints at which you should climb to those altitudes.

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When flying east you should be at an odd flight level. For example FL290 FL310 FL330 etc and when headed west an even flight level for example FL300 FL 320 FL340 etc. So normally you would be at an odd alt when heading east so let’s take FL330 for example. When you’ve burned enough fuel you would then climb to a higher flight level that’s also an odd altitude. So the next step up would be FL350 and then once burned even more fuel then it would be 370. So for you I’d suggest 350 and once you reach that and you think you are light enough to get to 370 then go for it but if you feel you’re too heavy you can stay at 350

I’d simply recommend using to get your step-climbing altitudes, and when to be at what altitude. It’s pretty effective at it, in my opinion.

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Whats the maximum altitude thats safe for an A350?

41,450 feet.

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41,450 according to Airbus but I’ve seen people go higher than that in IF.

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The A350-900 does reach 43000ft, the 41450ft is for the -1000. Either way since he’s heading east, 41000 would be the most appropriate limit.


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IRL, you can fly the A350 up to FL450 but not recommended.

The highest you should go is FL430

I typically step-climb atleast 2 times a flight and end up at either FL400 or FL410. But you can also look at FlightAware and check the Alt/Spd log to see when and where the actual flight step-climbs.

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