Stellar_G’s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A

Ok thanks! I’m closing now.

Hi there, was just there right now, just a few minor issues from what I’ve seen.

  • My first clearance (the one after the transition) was not provided directions (make left/right traffic)
  • After my first T&G, before I requested a runway change you provided me a directional clearance which is not needed.
  • You didn’t provide me with clearance for my second T&G at 24R, in which I reminded you I was in R base, yet you told me not to provide unnecessary report. I think you may have mixed up, I’ve landed once with the previous clearance you provide already.
    Anyways keep up the great work👍
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Hey! I’m opening up in 5mins @ LEPA!


I’m opening now!

Hey! I’m closed now. Thank you!

Hi, I was N269LO. Overall nice job. I wish there was a little more traffic in the pattern.

  • one thing was you cleared me a second time after I requested a runway change. All that was needed was a pattern entry.
  • any reason why N991SR was told to depart straight out?

Good luck,

Hi, Thank you for the response!

He/She requested to depart straight out, and to clear of any potential conflict I told him/her to “depart straight out 3000ft”

Hey @GBKarp @yoshi_flyer @Z-Tube @collin12353 and others!

I’m am opening now!

Thank you all! I’m closing now!

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Sorry I couldn’t make it. I am inflight right now.

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Hey @GBKarp @yoshi_flyer @Z-Tube @collin12353!

I’m am opening soon!

Sorry this was all the time I could be open. Thanks!

After a long time I’m reopening my tracking thread! Hope you can join!

Palma De Mallorca Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 1010 Zulu, wind variable at 6. Visibility 10. Temperature 28. Dew point 25. Departing runways 24L and 24R. Landing runways 24L and 24R.

@GBKarp @yoshi_flyer @Z-Tube @collin12353 @MattBrowns

PM me if you don’t want to be tagged.

Oops I forgot. You cant pushback using a GA aircraft

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I am not the best for crticising but ok…


  1. You said I was already cleared to land after saying I am on final
  2. You were very quick to respond

better if…

  1. You told me to exit runway at 20knots. Its supposed to be at 40-50knots I think
  2. If I taxi the wrong way, You should give progressive taxi instructions although i dont think it is nessecary

Thank you! I thought you said “Full Stop” so I was hesitant.

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Well… i think full stop means I will go to parking instead of taking of again. Plus, we sent the messages at the same time…

Hmmm. Ok. Also I thought for GA aircraft the exit runway speed is 30-20? And for commercial it is 50-40.

Thanks for the session! Closed now!

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