Stellar_G’s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @Stellar_G‘S Thread!

I’m practicing to join IFATC!

*This is my first ATC tracking thread!

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&goes/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.

Criticism Good or Bad are accepted!



Airport :


Server :

24L & 24R


Hey, can’t join now sorry, I am about to land

I’ll join now!

I’ll come and do some pattern work

Hey there, I was EC-123,

  • I’m not sure why you told me to just line up and wait, there was no aircraft nearby except taxiing to 24R, which hadn’t even requested takeoff at that time. Aircraft can begin their takeoff roll once aircraft are clear of the runway, and/or the wheels off the runway and are in the air for the aircraft above. It’s a lot of predicting.

  • You gave me an exit runway command when I was 140knts at 50ft and was cleared for the option. Only give this command when you are sure an aircraft is landing and is a safe speed (below 70knts).

  • When I requested runway change, you should always give a pattern instruction, then sequence them. You only sequenced me.

  • The KLM 772 requested takeoff departing North (Amsterdam). You cleared them for takeoff then told them to enter left downwind. Clearing aircraft for takeoff 3000ft AAL would keep them clear of pattern work.

  • Good work telling the Air France 772 to expedite.

  • When clearing someone for the option on a new runway, or want them to change their pattern position, always send ‘left’ or ‘right’ traffic. You did not on my new runway (24R).

Other than above, good work and I hope to see you in IFATC soon!

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Closing in 5mins!

Hey! I was IFC - Z-Tube, LYVA001. I only had time for one touch and go, but here’s my feedback.

  1. You were quick and accurate on all ground clearances, great job!

  2. As I was approaching the runway, you instructed me to hold short as there was an aircraft on final. This was the right call, however you cleared me to line up and wait when the landing aircraft was about to exit the runway. It would be appropriate to clear me to line up and wait as soon as the landing aircraft is has passed the area where I am holding short.

  3. Upon my departure, I never received any sort of landing clearance after my turn on downwind. I was on right base when I announced my position and you said “Roger”, but I still never received landing clearance.

  4. Good work telling the Air France 772 to expedite. If you didn’t, you would’ve had to instruct me to go around.

  5. Upon my touchdown, you told me to exit the runway while I was still at 120 knots. This is way to fast for any aircraft. The typical speed to tell an aircraft to exit the runway is about 70 knots and GA aircrafts are more about 40 knots.

Other than that, you did well, especially with the plethora of aircrafts in your airspace. Keep up the good work!


Thanks you everybody, I’m closed now!
Thanks for the feedback!

Great work! I was Tomjet.

Good things:

  • Well done in telling the Air France to expedite
  • Good timing of exit runway command, i was at about 55 knots - (other people said you did them too fast so you must’ve learnt!)
  • Good job on telling me to hold short

Things to work on:

  • Should’ve given me the “already instructed to change frequency” when i requested at the runway. Taxi command gives me that instruction. Very minor thing so don’t worry about that.
  • You didn’t sequence me before clearing me for the option. You just told me “number 2, runway 24L cleared for the option” - remember to sequence first.
  • Should’ve told me to descend to pattern altitude - i was flying at 3000 - pattern altitude is 1500 for jets.

Overall great work! I’ve been very picky on the things to work on, so they’re very minor things. you should be in IFATC in no time!

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I’m Open now @ LEPA

How much longer will you be open? I’ll be able to stop by in a few minutes.

Awesome I’ll be open then!

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Coming now! Going to try out a new aircraft… no promises on a smooth landing

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Wrong aircraft for pattern work. I’ll be right back.

I’m Closed now! Good day!

Thank you for the service! Great job, you have almost all the basic/fundamentals down! Only a few things to note:

  1. (this is when i was in the military aircraft) You cleared me for the option, after the option make right traffic. You only need to say “make __ traffic” on the initial takeoff clearance and the first time you clear someone for the option after a runway change. Those are the only times you say “make __ traffic”
  2. When I requested the runway change, the pattern entry must be first before the clearance. 1. pattern entry 2. sequence (if necessary)3. clearance. You did say enter right downwind, but that was after the clearance (not sure if you caught your mistake or just had the order mixed up).

Awesome job with the runway exits. It can be confusing to see whether or not someone is exiting or not if they don’t say “full stop”. Other than that stuff, nice job. Tag me when you next open!

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I’m opening up again in 3mins @ LEPA


Open Now! (Needs more than ten words)

still open
I will go

Yup. (10 characters again.)

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