Stef_Smet ATC Tracking Thread [closed]

Airport :EBBR
Notam : Landing rwy 25L 25R 19
T/O rwy 25R 19
Feedback is welcome.
Happy flying!

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My Feedback:

  • When someone requests for pushback give them a pushback clearance don’t a taxi clearance, wait until they have push backed before giving them a taxi clearance

  • You don’t tell the pilot to ‘enter left downwind RWY XX’ because if you have told them to takeoff and enter left pattern they will do that anyway.

Thanks for coming over and for the feedback. I’ll try to do better next time! Cheers

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EBBR will be open untill at least 0530Z.

On my way, this post will be updated for feedback afterwards


  1. Don’t know why you didn’t send me to 07R for takeoff then switch me to 02 but nbd here
  2. Was kinda impossible to enter left downwind 25L from where I was…
  3. Reclear direction of option after go around
  4. If an aircraft say full stop after you clear, just say roger, no need for reclear
  5. Good awareness of letting me cross 02 after exit

Just small glitches here and there, can’t see you with more traffic but hope to see you on the team soon :)

Thnx for coming over. The request for changing to rwy 25L came at the same time as your request for 07R. Sorry for that. By the way, nice flying with the 787! Thnx for the feedback!

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