Steep approach button

In real life, the a318 and probably most of the planes that fly to London city and other airports with steep approaches have a button to configure the aircraft for the 5.5 degree glide slope. The a318 deploys the two outside spoilers to keep the plane from accelerating but not enough drag to stall the plane. It also changes the callouts. I hope this is added to infinite flight because it will help the pilots out by making the approach a little easier.


I would definetly love this feature.

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It would be great but I don’t seem to have much trouble landing there, maybe more practice?


I dont really see how this would be such a big thing, landing on IF is alot easier. Even with a steeper approach i havent had to much trouble. IF planes seem to stop alot faster than RL planes.

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I thought of requesting this a long time ago but forgot…anyway thanks!Matt should do himself a special favour!for those who know what i mean✌

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Great request. Landing at EGLC would be more manageable should the spoilers deploy for the steep approach and not the flight position.

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It’s because of airspace restrictions and tall buildings, if and when 3D buildings are added it will become more complicated.