Stearman - 75

Let go flying down in the dirt where it all began for most of us. There’s noting like an open cockpit, singing wires and hands on flyin. How about a STEARMAN-75 (Kaydet) in the inventory… Max Sends


Let’s stop requesting airliners. The Stearman should be IF’s first biplane trainer.


@Swordfish. What o you say Fish, Do you fly it solo from the front or rear seat?

I’d feel more comfortable flying it from the front.

MaxSez: Consider the Center of Gravity? Now what say you Fish?
(Tanks are in the top wing & behind the engine mount over the undercarrage.)

Still flying it from the front but with trim for a nose heavy aircraft.

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MaxSez: From the old timers book @Swordfish;
A lot of biplanes are flown solo from the back seat partly to put the “optional” front seat load closer to the CG, but mainly because (despite what you might expect) the view is generally a lot worse in the front seat, with wings above and below blocking your view to the sides. In the back of the Tiger Moth, Stearman or Stampe you have a much better view of the ground, and of the air you’re turning into, than you do from the front. (Barnstormer Lmt)

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