Steam or glass

Just out of curiosity would you prefer a steam or glass cockpit

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Say again? Reading you 1 by 5. IE: “I don’t understand your question” ;)


I prefer


@Misrael102 “Max Sends”. Been around a few days, a “Steam Cockpit” a new term to me In an aviation context! A definition please…

Steam powered gauges

I prefer the steam gauges

@Narroc_Wim… “Max Sends”. “steam gauges” in an airplane, new one on me! How is the “Steam” generated?

@Rotate. Interesting… I’ll add this to my “general knowledge” glossary. Thanks, Max

I am not a pilot but I imagine pros and cons for each. Glass allows more customization and more modern displays (maps, charts, overlays of info, etc), whereas “steam guages” seem more robust and have all the important stuff right there in your face at all times.

Ahhh I see. A glass cockpit is focused around primary displays (Such as the Garmin G-Series) and only have a few backup gauges. A steam cockpit uses gauges for the major indicators (Airspeed, Altitude, VORs etc). I’m a innovation guy, so I’m all for glass cockpits.


  • Glass Cockpit
  • Steam Cockpit

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