Stealth Bomber Spotted Cruising Below U.S. Commercial Flight

I’m not sure if a topic has been created about this, I don’t recall seeing one and a search brought up no results.

05 JUNE 2019: A video from inside the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight flying from KLAS to KMDW shows a B-2 Spirit cruising just a couple thousand feet below the aircraft before disappearing off-camera.

See the video here:


Whoa! That’s really neat. I couldn’t imagine how cool that would be to see in person like that.

Also it wasn’t KLAS to KORD, it was KLAS to KMDW. ;)


Since when did Southwest fly to KORD?

I guess a typo

You’re right. Forgot Midway existed for a second there.

The article says midway so

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No, it only says Chicago.

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Sorry what? image

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I’ve see other commercial planes close(ish) up like that, but never something like that, that’s awesome!

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Woah! That looks cool! I wonder what it was doing?


No need to argue about it. Mistakes were made, and corrected, moving one…

Not sure flags are nessarly though guys…


I wonder what were the intentions of that B-2? My best bet was a re-positioning flight to another airbase, but all of that aside, This is awesome! Seeing a military aircraft, a bomber no less, must be both spine-chilling, and cool at the same time. :)


It was out for any number of reasons. Probably not repositioning though since those are based pretty permanently, they aren’t very fluid. It honestly could have just been out for training, because they can simulate a lot of stuff without bombs, but it could have been going to a live fire range, who knows… 🤷🏻‍♂️


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