Std in A321 meaning?

STD in the A321 cockpit

What does it mean?

It’s Standard.

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Even if you don’t know what it stands for (I don’t either) it’s clearly an aviation term. No need to be silly about it


Standard pressure which is 1013 Pa or 29.92 in/g. The altitude shown depends on the pressure set. Below 18,000ft in the US or around 6,000ft in Europe it is set at the local pressure, above these altitudes it is set as standard.


Interesting, I didn’t know what it meant either :)

Best answer.

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On the ground it wouldn’t actually be “Std” as shown. It would be set at the local pressure which is in the ATIS and METAR for the airfield. In the METAR it is shown as, for example, “Q1007” - it is referred to as the QNH. In US it isreported as inches of Hg x100 so A2998 is 29.98 inches and that is what you would set.


There you go, Break it down.

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