Staying on a Frequency

Just a general question - why are controllers so gung ho about you staying on their frequency? Particularly when you’ve departed from an airport? For example, I just left Miami and 15 minutes in, I was still on a frequency until it went offline. What’s the deal with them wanting you stay on there so long? Not that it matters, but it can get aggravating, especially when I want to leave the app for a few moments.

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Well, I’ll share my personal preference on this matter.

The reason I prefer aircraft to tune out after I’ve given a “Frequency change approved, Good Day!” is because otherwise, the aircraft remains on my radar as a blue spot. When traffic is heavy, this can cause confusion as to which aircraft I still need to instruct and which ones are no longer under my control.

While we can slide your aircraft, it will remain as a white spot, which personally annoys me.

I’d like to take this opportunity to kindly request that every pilot on the Expert Server tunes out of the frequency when instructed to do so by the tower.

Thank you.


If you think this don’t apply to flying simulation then go fly offline…you can leave or pause any time.

Are you referring to Tower frequency or Radar?

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Thanks for confriming this…

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I know, and then you’ll receive a violation so I take no chances.

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Thanks for explaining, I had no idea.

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Radar (for example Miami Center, Miami Departure etc)

Well for radar we will keep you on our frequency while you are in our airspace, but if there is no traffic around, I normally hand off pretty quickly


Yeah…radar takes a bit until you’re off range.

That’s pretty close to realism, if you ask me 😂
Pilots are handed off as soon as they’re out of the controller’s job.

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A local (tower) controller won’t keep you on their frequency.

For departure/approach, you’ll be in a critical phase of flight (i.e. clib/descent) so shouldn’t be leaving your device. There could be other traffic near by too so this opis even more importabt.

For centre, if you need to leave and you are in level flight, you just leave and your device will show you as “away”. Don’t tune out of the frequency though.

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