Staying in the taxi line in cockpit view

Hi guys, so as you are taxing to parking or takeoff or whatever how do you stay on the line when you’re in cockpit view? Thanks!

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One thing you can do is to activate the HUD. Then locate the center using the HUD. Remember a spot on the cockpit panel where the center is and use it as a reference point.


Just like a car, figure out where center is on the console and use it as a reference. For example, in the A320, it’s a tad to the right of the first black box if front of the Captain. You may have to use the HUD initially to figure out where that point on the console, but once you have the reference point you should be good.


Sort of dodging the question but using the tail view is just as realistic, as many aircraft have tail cameras.

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Change the camera view to bottom and centralize your aircraft on the center line; then move to the HUD view and locate a reference point coincides with the bottom view of the centered gear

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While all the other answers will work to an extent. To follow the taxi line from the cockpit you need to have the taxi line essentially split you the pilot in half. You do this throughout taxi so during a sharp turn you will need to look into the turn and do the same. That is how you taxi.

Basically, just keep the taxi line directly in the middle of the dash in front of you and you should be good. When turning swing wide.

either the hud method, or if u have the yoke in ur bottom bar, make sure its always a slight but next to the yellow line, a trick i found while experimenting with this as well

Thanks for the help you guys!

I can’t say this enough, the tail view is perfect for vantage points. All new aircraft essentially have the exact same view beginning with the A380, it aids pilots massively, only now passengers get the view also

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If you turn on the HUD, you can use the center of the pitch indicator and aim it on the taxi line

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