Stay safe today Pilots

Stay safe today Pilots, My prayers will be with you guys.


IPFM kneels with you…stay safe all the pilots and FA’s who place their lives in danger on almost every flight.

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You do realize mechanical, pilot error, weather are all factors not just terrorists.


crashing is not the point. Hijackings was more along the lines of what im saying.

Well he is just saying, it a very important date which 3,000 people lost their lives including the four pilots . You know it is a pretty tough job and who knows what could happen . But anyway they have locks in cockpit doors so :)

What about the GermanWings crash last year…

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Today a modern airliner is not hijackable anymore, the cockpit door is one of the most solid doors ever and can’t be opened by anyone outside the cockpit anymore if the pilot denies a sad example for this is the germanwings crash #prayfor4U9525

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A family member of mine left on a business trip this morning, and flying American Air to get there. 😟

Same here!

Thousands of people still need to fly on 9/11. There is always increased security around this date.


We should remember the ones who lost their lifes in 9/11 not pilots flying today.

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The German wings crash there were only two pilots in the cockpit but now they’ve brought the three man crew law or whatever so there should be always three men in the cockpit that even if one pilot leaves the cockpit there will still be 2 pilots in there so one person can’t take control of the plane and crash it like the German Wings so it’s not possible anymore.

??? So the safety of pilots doesn’t matter ?? the people that lost there lives on this day deserve to be remembered and respected yes I agree, but pilots play a huge roll today and have to be on top of there game if anything was to happen… we don’t want to be remembering more people on this horrible day.

Keep it all the 9/11 thread as it all relates.