Stay logged in

Does someone know, How can I keep logged into this forum? If I do other things on my iPad, I logged out of this forum, and I doesn’t want it

Do you have private browsing enabled on Safari?

I’m using safari

Yes, I figured…

Do you have “Private Browsing” enabled? Is your interface a dark colour?

What is Private Browsing? I don"t know what that is

Is it off?

Just double push the control button on the bottom of the Pad. The App or functions operating in the background will appear. Just tap the selection of your choice it will become operational on the home screen. Repeat when finished with the function, repeat the process as you choose!

It works! Thank you very much :)

I enabled private browser, my interface is black, but I did other things and this forum logged out again.

Make sure it is off :)

My phone knows my password so all I have to do every few hours is click to autofill

My computer and phone have always been logged in 24/7


It’s doesn’t working