Stay Happy during these difficult times

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures that will hopefully make you happy during these difficult time. Always more to Love! Stay Safe!
Flying on the Solo server, no route (just flying for the pictures, time of the flight was this morning at 6:30ish (so as to get the sunrise.)


Shouldn’t this be in #screenshots-and-videos??
Great pictures though :)

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I changed the topic Category to #screenshots-and-videos. Please be sure to add in information such as Server, Route and time of the flight as rules state. 👍

Nice pictures!


Thank you! I will make sure to do that…

nice pictures. Hope to see more😊

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You will 😁

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I like this special livery, nice pics!

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Thanks! Its my favorite livery for the 737-900 series. Stay safe!

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Love that livery! Great shots!

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