Status on Live Cockpits(?)

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I have a question for you folks: has there been anything said about more Live Cockpits for already released planes like the CRJ Series, the B787 or MD-11/DC-10 by the devs? Last thing I heard was a statement from a dev stream in late 2018 stating that some Cockpits which are still at the moment could be animated in the future. I couldn’t find anything about that exact topic here on the forum lately.
Thanks for your help, but please don’t speculate, it’s just a question, only comment if it’s a valid information. In case I didn’t miss something and there hasn’t been an update the topic can be closed immediately.

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Fair question


They are only available on the A321 A320 A319 A318 and A350 and soon on the B777-200ER

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Nothing has been confirmed for these aircraft. Just keep an eye on #announcements for confirmed new features.

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I already figured that out, thank you though. I’m asking for already released planes and plans to update the cockpit later (as they did on the TBM for example).

Nothing’s been said to my knowledge, but always watch out for posts in #announcements and in the update threads!

…I typed too slow -_-

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The reason the A350 + A320 has it, it because when we made the A350… the same instrument cluster was pretty much plug and play on the A320. The same goes for the TBM using pretty much the same Garmin instruments as the C172 & Xcub. Plug and play.

You’ll most likely see iterations like this over time as models are reworked. Can’t be more specific than that at this point.


That pretty much answered my question, thank you!

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