Status of airBaltic Virtual

Does anybody know if airBaltic Virtual is still active? Their official thread is closed, though judging from their website they still seem to be active. Is anybody who sees this a part of airBaltic Virtual? How many active pilots are there. I am interested in applying and would like to know if it’s even still active.
Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems like AirBaltic Virtual’s application is still active, so yes.

The only reason why the thread closed is due to nobody replying in that topic for the past 90 days. As a result, Infinite Flight auto-locks any new reply’s.

Here’s the thread: airBaltic Virtual | Think Green Fly Green | Official Thread - 2022

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looking at the VA database it doesnt seem like they are active I cant find them there

Edit: my bad I thought it was in alphabetical order I found it is still active

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According to the IFVARB database which can be found below, airBaltic Virtual are still active.

For future reference, you can use the IFVARB database to search for the virtual airline that you’re interested in apply for. If the airline appears in the database then they are active.


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