Status bar burnt into my phone's screen

I had this on my old phone, and now also on my new phone. The status bar icons are burnt into my phone’s screen. Idk if this goes away, but this got me quiet angry. This is a new phone and now I can always see the ATC, map, camera and pause button on my screen. Is there something I can do about it? Is this preventable?

Hope to hear some a solution soon!


Can we see a screenshot of this issue?

On a screenshot u won’t see it, it’s the screen itself, maybe I can take a picture with an other phone

If you have an OLED screen this can happen, it’s reccomended that you keep your brightness very low during long periods of time when you aren’t using the device but it’s still flying.


Will these icons forever be on my screen or does it disappear after a short time?

This has nothing to do with IF. AMOLED screens can burn in if being used for a long time showing the same content at the same position of the screen, and depending on the manufacturer of the screen you don’t even have to have max brightness. It’s even easier to do this when the phone is exposed to direct sunlight displaying the content or having your brightness set to max for long periods of time.

You need to contact the support of your device or your mobile operator to get it fixed or replaced!


If it has burned in already, it is unlikely that it will disappear unfortunately…

It’s basically permanent due to consistent use of pixels.

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Oh rip, well gonna contact Samsung for this then. Hope this can be fixed

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I have the exact same thing too unfortunately. What device are you using?

That’s unfortunate, this is one new technology that I personally would rather do without! Hopefully you get it sorted.

Im actually a bit worried now. Does anyone know if it can get worse if i continue using IF?

Samsung galaxy s8+

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Bit worries about that too

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if you have interface timeout, and lower brightness, it should help mitigate chances of occurrence. Also point camera towards ground, that way pixels are changing still.

Samsung normally provides 24 months warranty. If you screen otherwise is not damaged, and you are within the 24 months, they will replace it for you.

After the replacement I would suggest to use no more than 25% brightness for flights if possible (or more if needed but definitely not max), and either the Game Tools to get the screen dimmed for long flights or an app called Blackr from Google Play.

Game tools dimming and 25% brightness saved the screen of my Note 8 for over 8 months and helped to prevent burn-ins completely.

It can be fixed atleast according to Laura.

More info below


Oke, thnx all for reading, answer and helping, I contacted Samsung support. I hope they can help me with this. Opinions and answers are still welcome :D

Samsung most likely will not offer any kind of repair. Mainly because this is user inflicted damages (it’s not a software or hardware fault), I’ve had a similar issue on the pixel 2 where my status bar is slightly burnt in, so I ran a piece of code through and now they automatically have them hidden. IF has a hide feature built in so the necessary precautions were there if needed 🤦