Stats wont change

i started playing a few weeks ago, my stats are still at 0 and at grade 1. i’ve flown multiple hours. it even says under the replay section. but all my stats are still 0. how can i fix it

Hello there! and welcome to the IFC! You will love it here!
Have you tried closing the app and reopening it?
Since you said you have been playing for a few weeks have you maybe unistalled the app and reinstalling?
Maybe you could try to restart your device?

thanks! yes i’ve tried all of that.

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Can you please provide a screenshot of your grade table as that will assist us and provide some further clarity.


it’s all 0. idk why it wont just log my stats. but i have like 11 hrs of flight time

Can you also post a screen shot of your Logbook and replay list please.

all my logs got deleted when i tried re downloading. but as you can see a flight that i just did is a 8mb file but has 0 duration. something’s clearly bugging

Were all of your flights in Solo mode?

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yes because i have to be grade 2 in order to go online. and obviously i can’t go to grade 2 right now

This is where your problem lies. You can still fly online with 0 hours, but it has to be on casual server. Flights performed in Solo mode do not count towards your Live stat table. Try switching over to Live and doing a quick flight on the Casual Server and you should see the stats in the table afterwards.

Select “Fly Online” when you start the app instead of “Fly Solo”.

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ohhhhhhh ok that makes more sense. i was trying to get onto the training servers cause i figured that’s where i would go first. thanks!


Not a problem. Feel free to reach out if you have any other issues.

And welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Once you get pro, can you go in casual server? Or do you have to fly like 10 mins to 1 hour to access it?

Yes, you can just go to the casual server. You don’t have to fly anything before having full access to the game. As far as I can remember. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks, dude!

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Nope, you are spot on. The casual server is accessible as soon as you restart your app after buying the pro subscription.

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@schyllberg I believe you can close this one as well.