Stats went down?

Yesterday I was on grade three and now when I try fly on the expert server I’m now grade 2? Can anyone help?

Hey! One of the things that contributes to your grade is the amount of landings you’ve done in the past 90 days. If that count drops below 15 your grade will be Grade 2.

I’ve done literally all my landings in the past 90 days lol

Perhaps you could send a screenshot of your grade table? It’s in Settings > Account > View Stats. The requirements for Grade 3 will be show in orange.

I “have” 85 landings but yesterday I had 120 or something like that

I know that but I’m saying that some disappeared

Then I would post a thread under “support”. You can also do touch and goes to earn some landings

If you had some really old landings there (like 2017 old) that were from solo mode back then, then they were removed with the stats update in 20.3

I didn’t use IF in 2017 lol, most of my flights are from 2020