Stats problem

Welcome, I have a problem. Why did they return me to the grade one ? It is not the first time this problem has happened to me. What is the solution? I was very close to the grade 4 . Pls can any one told me the solution

Can you share a screenshot of your grade table?

Click on your name in the top left > View Stats.

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Hi, @SirMJ9!

On our dashboard, it suggests a complete new account. There are no statistics available or any flights with the one linked like in the image above. Did you potentially create another account?

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Ok and you can join to my IFC forum and see my live stats

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It looks like what has happened is what Kyle said - is that you’ve accidentally created a new account.

No I didn’t create on other account just log out then join this is not the first time this problem happened

Please send an email to You can get official help and guidance there.


Ok What should I send there?

All information regarding what happened, images etc… The more information you give, the faster and easier it’ll be to find out what happened.

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