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Hi all. First post and new to Live. My stats have stopped updating since my iPad rebooted during a long-haul flight today. I had 98 landings so did a couple of local circuits to get me to the final requirement for upgrade to Level 3. They didn’t show so I did this again. Same problem. So I did a short flight to another airport but no luck. Really keen to move to L3 ASAP. Help! Eddie.

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When you have completed your flights, are you tapping “end flight” or exiting the app. If you are indeed flapping end flight, do your flight stats for that respective flight display showing time and experience gained in green lettering/numbering?

Earlier this has been a solution to this problem Flight data report not appearing, stats not updating? - #6 by Nawf

Thanks. I have completed 4 touch and goes over two flights with a 3rd flight as a land away but still no update on landings.

Levet, thanks for the reply. The long-haul terminated with an unexpected reboot. On the subsequent flights I have shut down the aircraft and ended the flights correctly but the stats are still not reflecting any landings since the reboot. Oddly my Logbook showed the subsequent flights correctly but then next time I looked, the flights were there but with no data.

Okay, thanks for that information. Do you notice if you are intermittently losing connection to the servers? You might be experiencing some connectivity issues, you could try resetting your router and be sure you have a strong WiFi signal which required you to be within a reasonable distance of your router or WiFi extender. Also, Infinite Flight recommends having at least 2GB of storage available to effectively stream scenery. If you don’t have enough available storage, you could experience issues connecting with the servers.

Thanks for the continued help.

No issues with server as far as I can tell. I have plenty of storage on this iPad too.

I tried a further quick circuit just now and it recorded my landing. Perhaps whatever happened has resolved itself. My logbook still has blank flights for my last 5 sorties but, I can live with that if all is ok now.

I will go for my 100th landing now and hope to be level 3 after that.

Any further issues and I will update this thread. Otherwise, thanks for the help and fly safe.


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Excellent! Congratulations on the 100th when you grease it ;)

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