Stats not recording (bug?)

Hey sorry for a second post in a couple hours. But my last 5 landings have not been recorded. I’ll taxi to the gate, shut everything down, then exit the flight and my XP goes up but says 0 landings. Is this a bug?

Please put this in the Support category. How long was each flight from takeoff to landing?

Will do. Each one was at least 1.5hrs flight time

And this is a stupid question but it is a factor, are you landing on the runway?

Haha yeah I have been. Did have one where I bounce with a heavy cross wind but was on the runway

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Hm. I don’t know then…

I have the same thing. Landings don’t add up in the stats screen.

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Those 5 landings would have had me at a Grade 4.


When it comes to issues like these, there’s usually a logic explanation.
Most cases I’ve seen lately have either been due to connectivity issues of some sort of the fact that the landing occurred outside of the designated runway area. Or even Single Player flights where stats aren’t counted.

Would it be possible for you to share a replay from a session when the landing didn’t count? You can either email it to us directly via or use

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