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Here to construct a new building in the city of the Infinite Flight Forums, where we can offer congratulations and show our dedication to flying in this awesome sim by posting milestones of our XP, Hours, Landings, Flights, etc…

Here’s a new one for me for Example: I’m finally on the XP All-time leaderboard, after working hard on the home stretch, fighting the winds and buttering my landings.

Happy flying and keep climbing! 👍🏻✈️


Congratulations, but I don’t respect simmers that just fly waypoints all day and night while monitoring the flight from a third party device every now and again… I actually monitor my flights while at controls…the many that’s I have bought…joystick…if assistant…etc. But if you’re at 40,000 feet and gist flying for days straight around then I don’t have any respect for ya. Sorry.

@Patria Although I’m guilty of overnighters but I do hand fly quite a bit and guess who I always see show up for some patternwork in GA and Fighters… Nate.

I’d have to say folks like @DeerCrusher @AdamCallow and @Nate_Schneller are really active when it comes to hand flying.


That is an insane amount of XP. I guess all of those touch and goes finally payed off.


Yup, I agree, and btw, Nate in no way am I implying that’s all you do ;). Just thought this was a good opportunity to express my dismay for those that do.


Thanks. I rack the hours up on school days when I do flights that extend from bedtime to when I return home. That’s about 15 hours or more. The XP I get from basically challenging myself to tough conditions. Love doing those.


When you have time we can probably do some touch and goes so I can make it on the leaderboard


I need about 7 more landing to reach grade Four, which was a very rigorous process. None of them will be touch and goes through, I like flying short routes, but routes nevertheless :).

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I’m already grade 4 but need a lot for grade 5

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Very nice! I have so much respect for grade levels now because I know we work very hard for them. Just don’t agree with the XP system.


That’s amazing. Keep it up!


Oh gosh,I’m like a little more than a third of your xp.
Tells u that I’m not the most addicted 😂

Seriously tho,congrats man

Big congratulations, keep climbing my friend…

Congrats on your recent XP accomplishments however as l recall there are 25 slots on each leader board so that means there are ten more that you might have unceremoniously truncated !

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