Stats bord

Operating system:

I’m trying to get to grade 4 and it’s always been stuck on number 4
help? Pls someone

You got 5 Level 2 violations in the last year, you need to wait until 1 year passes from your first Level 2 Violation


So do I need to get a violation and then the number will change???

Current callsign?

No. You need to wait and avoid getting additional violations. You have too many Level 2 violations for Grade 4.


??? What is that supposed to mean

How long is the wait??

That depends on when you got the first Level 2 violation.

Rick asked for your callsign to help you check.

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What is a callsing??

What name are you flying under right now? Like I.e. Delta xxx , Qantas xxx ?


That onr

So your first of the 5 violations was on April 15th 2023. Which means you will need to wait until April 15th 2024 when that one drops off your stats to meet the pre-reqs for Grade 4.

Ok so I’m just going to wait a long long time 🙄🙄🫠

And also Rickg why did you delete my long message omg

Unless you stop receiving violations like this, you will even be demoted to Grade 2.

Regarding your message - I deleted it since it had nothing to do with this topic. This isn’t the place for feature requests.


Well I don’t want to get anything violations then right

And you can still answer my long question tho

No. Since it’s not something we answer. You can read the feature requests to see whether or not it’s been confirmed.


No you do not. My best advice is to carry on in a professional manner on the Expert Server and follow all ATC instructions to avoid further violations.


Oh no worries

Ok so do you know what I will get grade 4 do you know?

Hello anyone there hello?