Statistics on use of aircrafts, airports and destiniations?

Would love to know what aircrafts people on Infiniteflight use, what destinations and airports are most used and by whom.


I would think LAX is the most used by all servers second would pretty be SFO

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Hmmm… EGLL is quite popular too


Cant say, thousands of people play it.

I’m also very excited you said “whom”. Unfortunately a lot of people do that mistake too easily.

Same with “I’m good”. ‘well!’ I’m well.

Another topic, though :)

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This is a pretty nifty tool, fair bit of stats-y stuff:

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Apologies for my English.

No! No! No! You misunderstood me!

I like that you said whom. That’s correct English

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I basically start and end my flights based on where I live which is in FLL (hoping that the developers bring the FLL airport in the next update)

I fly the A330-300 since I do allot of long hauls and it’s my favorite aircraft to fly.


Hope the staff of Infiniteflight are willing to share this information with the users.

for casual and training LAX,SFO,LHR,JFK but for expert its obvisouly whatever IFATC is

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