Statistics for Live Server Activities

I was wondering if developers or mods have done any data gathering and statistical analysis on the distribution of Live Players around the regions through time.

If yes can we have access to them and if it hasn’t been attempted, would it be possible for FDS to do it?

To clarify, I mean how many people are present on the servers during different hours (say in Zulu). And I am not talking about the on-time one that we have right now, I mean a time history from the past during an extended period of time to get into some patterns if any (like Data Mining).

It would be very helpful for those who Live Stream and like to include as many people in their videos as possible.

Thanks 🙏🏻


You can track flights here:

Training Server is usually the most active server and areas like KLAX and KSAN are typically the busiest because they are free regions.

Only mentioned this to help with making videos. I can’t delve into any trending or tracking from the development team.


Thanks or your comment 👍🏻

I feel like it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to get something like that, you are essentially asking for data that have business implications for FDS itself and therefore makes sense for FDS to not share this type of information.

Also no 3rd party developer external to FDS would be able to provide something like it because it’s against the terms and conditions of the live API to store any data pulled from it.

As @Levet is suggesting you could simply access at regular intervals during the day and write yourself down couple of stats you want.


Exactly, this is the reason why there isn’t an app for it.

The only option would be for FDS themselves to implement it, but global is a much higher priority

I believe in the start of the topic I mentioned the developers and moderators and I never said that any of us having attempted or wanting to do so.

Well, first, which server are you specifically looking for? I can tell you the most active for the Casual, Training and Expert server, without having to gather data.

  • Casual: San Fransisco

  • Training Server: SoCal

  • Expert Server: Wherever IFATC is active

Why bother them when you can use the above website as Chris and Larry have gotten for you :)


You are missing the point of the topic. I try to explain soon in another way. Take care!

These servers are the most active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other than expert, the server statistics for Causal and Training are going to be static for one reason or another. That’s why I didn’t put a Zulu time in there.

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