Stationary Planes in Solo mode

I know this will never happen but if planes can’t fly in solo mode of the game how about this?

Why can’t you just make planes sit at any airports gates like I said before I know this will never happen but it’s a idea I wanted to share


I think this would be a waste of time and space, but thanks for sharing. I’d much rather see people brainstorm and suggest ideas that “might never happen” than not sharing them for thinking that it’s dumb!


Once they perfect being able to have building within the game, I could see this become a reality

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Yeah it could be part of the scenery possibly. (Like in PC simulators) Just to add more realism.


I would love this. Solo needs some improvement. :D


Looks like the last release of Aerofly just added parked aircraft. Hopefully this will be seen in IF soon!

Yes, that would be awesome!

Like fsx 👍😂

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This would make things interesting to see in solo, and to not feel entirely alone, but without PCs (player-characters). This has my support, but I am unfortunately out of votes.