Static on screen messages

Any plans to get rid of these on screen messages in a future update? Perhaps placing them over in a corner might be better for the user experience especially while on final or takeoff.


One possible feature I thought of having, is having them automatically time out after maybe 10-30 seconds depending on the message.

Maybe if the flights entered “away mode” it should stay static to make sure it gets noticed.


Some messages do time out automatically. Not sure which ones exactly

I certainly believe that depending on the type of message they should time out as it certainly can be a little distracting especially on takeoff roll or short final.

Other messages such as overspeed warnings shouldn’t disappear and should still have to be manually dismissed by tapping on the message to acknowledge that you have seen the overspeed warning.

I think having the headphone light up and maybe a small notification under the parking brake may be doable as well. Anything but a static message in the middle of the screen while flying. It’s quite distracting and also ruins recordings.

I do love the idea of a static message while away.

Absolutely, warning messages and perhaps NOTAMs as well should require action from the user before disappearing.


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