Static in 787 cockpit

Hi I’m just wondering what this is ? It’s like static moving around the bottom off the cockpit, I’ve never seen this before.


Is it moving? Or just stationary? Have you tried the usual restart of the app yet?

It’s moving and I’m over half way to Perth from London so I don’t want to have to restart my device it’s not a major issue but just something I’ve never seen

And given the flight I’m assuming your in the -9 Qantas?

The 787 doesn’t have live cockpit

Yeah I am, flown the 787 loads but this is a first

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That’s not what this is. As you can see it is actually not just on the screen, it is something different. I can’t find any other references to this. Would you mind moving this to #support?

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That’s just a reflection from the sun or moon. They have that in some cockpits, I’ve noticed it frequently in the 787.


Ohh that would explain it as it happend when it was getting dark, thanks


So eaven on this aircraft and livery? Has it been going on since the start of the flight?

(Sorry for so many questions, I’m just trying to figure out what circumstances it occurs under)

Sure no prob.

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That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for figuring that out, I was stumped… 😂


If it’s not affecting you, then it probably shouldn’t be something to worry about.

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Haha lol yeah I pretty much only fly boeing, so I’ve encountered it a few times myself.


Well if it was some sort of graphics glitch, or something weird, still best to get it sorted out. Never hurts… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Little off topic but I thought that was a real picture of a 787 interior… that night lighting is so good.

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Yeah it adds a lot of realism. I like it. Sometimes there’s a shine/ reflection but the sun/moon isn’t event out lol🤷🏾‍♂️

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It’s gone red now


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